Rolex launched Cellini Moonphase

Rolex replica watches in Basel 2017 can be described as pleasantly surprised, no one thought Rolex will launch a moon phase watch, the new Cellini Moonphase watch, the entire month disk exposure on the dial, to show the monthly surplus The change.

The new Celini moon phase replica watches sale, case diameter 39 mm, with 18ct eternal rose gold casting. In addition to the moon to the reality, the Celian moon phase-type watch can also be displayed by the central pointer in the dial outside the date, the central pointer for the crescent. This new watch is equipped with Rolex replica watches developed by the self-winding mechanical movement, the patent moon phase components to ensure that the astronomical accuracy of up to 122 years. Celian moon phase replica watches sale with brown crocodile leather strap, with 18ct eternal rose gold folding buckle, in the Chelini series which is the first time with this buckle.

The new Celian moon phase replica watches sale with a white paint dial, dial a blue enamel moon disc, located at 6 o’clock position, showing full moon and new moon. The full moon is symbolized by a circular meteorite, and the new moon is represented by a silver ring. According to the moon lap profit and loss cycle, the moon phase in the moon disk 12 o’clock position under the mark.

As with all Rolex replica watches watches, the Celian moon phase-type watch was awarded by Rolex’s top-level observatory in 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has passed a series of tests by Rolex Laboratories, and its standards are beyond the tradition and level of the watch industry. Wrist watch assembled after the test to ensure that the replica watches sale wear, in the precision, power reserve, waterproof and automatic chain in all aspects, can play the top performance. After the movement into the case before the test of the Rolex top astronomical station precision timepieces, the average error of less than two seconds per day, more than the average of the Observatory certification precision time more than twice. The green seal is a symbol of the top astronomical timetable, and each Rolex replica watches watch comes with this seal, with a five-year warranty on the whole world, very competitive.

Rolex is the king of the self – winding movement –cal.3135

Rolex movement cal.3135 The biggest point: configuration details

Cal.3135 Rolex replica as the most basic movement, its stability is beyond doubt, the movement of the machine with a diameter of 28.5 mm, 6 mm thick, 28,800 times per hour waving, 31 rubies, power reserve 50 Hour, jumping calendar, four arms Glucydur alloy balance wheel, 4 weights, of which 2 adjustable weight, Breguet-style hairspring, kif shock absorber. Cal.3135 installed in Rolex replica most of the single calendar men’s replica watch, such as the famous 116610LV (green water ghost) is equipped with cal.3135 self-winding movement.

Rolex movement cal.3135 second point: the system elaborated

Cal.3135 movement parts are about 195, Cal.3135 predecessor is cal.3035 movement, compared to cal.3035 movement, cal.3135 made some small changes, bridge balance plywood by a single point Development into a double fulcrum, more conducive to the stable operation of the balance wheel. Movement inside the escapement fork, escapement wheel and runner. It should be noted that the diameter of the wheel and the gear on the wheel are the same, so that the escapement system can greatly reduce power consumption. Rolex replica movement of the automatic winding system has Rolex replica movement in the unique red wheel, the red wheel on the TEFLON spray process, in the anti-corrosion, wear resistance, friction and other aspects of performance are excellent. Here to give you a few pieces of movement assembly map. This picture above we can see the top of the two golden gear. This is the stop device, when you pull out the crown when the stop with the wheel. Two adjustment screws for the balance wheel are used to balance the swing adjustment.

Rolex movement cal.3135 third point: material analysis

We know the precision of the movement in addition to the movement itself, but also the movement of the material and a certain relationship. Now Rolex replica cal.3135 movement balance wheel do not all use the PARACHROM gossamer, which is a Rolex replica unique niobium, zirconium and oxygen alloy. This gossamer is not subject to magnetic field interference, in the case of temperature changes remain stable state, while the traditional gossamer than the earthquake resistance of 10 times higher.

Rolex automatic mechanical male watch top honor, luxury watch

Rolex automatic mechanical replic watch, in the field of Swiss replic watch brand has been in the dominant, crown supreme position, with excellent technology and technology, each table are crafted, especially the classic style, highlighting the distinguished elegance and unique temperament , A great collection of value, and each of the people who love the table is the greatest wish to have a Rolex replic watch, here we understand the Rolex automatic mechanical male fake watch which is good? Which five recommended.

Rolex brand profile

Rolex is a well-known Swiss replic watch manufacturer, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis, by the German Hans Weissdorf and the British Davis in 1905 in London partnership. In 1908 by Hans Weissdorf in Switzerland, Lasha Defen registered renamed ROLEX.

After a century of development, Rolex, based in Geneva, already has 19 branches, 24 major service centers in the world’s major metropolises, with an annual output of about 450,000 watches and a large market share One of the famous watches.

Rolex automatic mechanical male form recommended – “green ghost”

Love the Rolex fans are aware of “green water ghost” is “Rolex pioneer calendar series 116610LV green watch” short, one of the most popular style. This Rolex submarine replic watch uses the Swiss Observatory certified movement, and equipped with Paraflex shock absorber. Automatic winding mechanical movement, will be wrist swing to drive the movement of the automatic disk rotation on the chain, do not need to replace the battery will be able to maintain the operating power to enhance the airtight case so that this replic watch waterproof function reached 300 Meters, is the first choice for diving enthusiasts wearing replic watches.

Rolex ROLEX-Submarine Series 116610-LV-97200 Green Machine Male Watch

Emerald dial for most people is a more difficult to control the color, but also a comparison of the wind color, compared to the ordinary watch black or white dial this green is really very beautiful.

Ceramic material scale progressive rotating outer ring, you can always view the decompression time, high hardness blue crystal glass mirror also ensure that this watch’s ruggedness, the overall match down this replic watch is beautiful but not easy to control the wrist Table, more suitable for the pursuit of individuality to wear the crowd.

Rolex automatic mechanical male watch Recommended: log series

Rolex ROLEX-Log Series 116234-G-63600 Silverstone Machine Male Watch Size: 37mm, thickness: 12mm, strap color: silver, table mirror: sapphire crystal glass, waterproof: 100 meters.

Rolex – the leader of the watch brand

Rolex automatic mechanical male replic watch never stopped the product innovation, which is one of the secret of the brand Yongbao vitality. Rolex series of products is not much, the main category to only Oyster-style constant series and Cherie Ni series.

Oyster-style appearance for almost a few decades has not changed much, but the details of the devil, Rolex’s every innovation for Oyster has brought new vitality. Green water ghosts are popular, MILGAUSS lightning pointer so many people crazy, and 2015 new Day-Date put on a new 3255 movement, the performance once again raised to another level. Rolex has always been a leader in replic watches sale performance!

Let the time sync –rolex replica watches

Rolex replica watches has always been committed to the technology tabulation, the advanced features and the pursuit of the use of the convenience of the design to facilitate the integration of the watch to give the timing of the new value. Since 2001 in the global sale of the first radio solar watch, to today, the use of GPS +6 Bureau of radio receiver dual time correction system and low-power Bluetooth smart technology to achieve the global precision of the time, so that time synchronization.

This year, replica watches sale to “GLOBAL TIME SYNC technology tabulation, so that time synchronization” for the rolex replica watches show theme, grand release of new GPS + radio solar watch and Bluetooth smart watch. GPS + radio solar watch, the GPS satellite signal reception and standard radio (6 Bureau of radio reception) two different time correction mode set within the table body, the rapid analysis of time zone and daylight saving time information, to obtain more reliable, more accurate time correction The Bluetooth smart watch, relying on low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect watches and smart phones, mobile phones and watches to achieve two-way control, to provide a more convenient operating experience. And for these high-performance to provide a strong impetus to support, it is the solar drive system, not just the sun, even the weak fluorescent light source can also be converted into electrical energy, and stored in large-capacity battery, to ensure the stable operation of various functions.

With inspiration for future insight, rolex replica watches will continue to look forward to the creativity and technology watch concept, continuous innovation, evolving. Looking to the future, rolex replica watches will continue to challenge the technical limits, the development of more practical utility watch new features.

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The future of the watch is accessories

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the watch began to rise, and gradually seized the rolex replica watches (although the Swiss export statistics show that until 1930, the popularity of watches and pocket watch quite). From watch to watch changes, the birth of a new design concept and a variety of different solutions, some successful design out, stand out. A hundred years ago, it was not easy to connect a round box and a straight line in a beautiful way. The key to the problem lies in the design of the joints, the need to ensure that the shell and strap consistency. Feeling the revolution is brewing, rolex replica watches (1875 – 1942) began to find the answer. He can look at the issue from the jeweler’s point of view, predict the future of the watch is accessories.

Made of metal bead craft, Cartier d’Art series of high-level watch that can be traced back to the first half of the three thousand years of ancient and precious handicrafts, showing a new look. This extremely complex and ingenious craftsmanship culminated in the first millennium of Etrurie’s civilization, whose world-famous “granulation etrusque” Of ancient artifacts.

Metal bead process, is the cutting of the fine gold wire wrapped in high temperature heating, until the formation of tiny beads, the whole process seems to be sowing gold “grain”. Then, then these gold beads one by one into the need to decorate the site, and fusion with the gold base, thus creating a vivid three-dimensional relief pattern.

The result is so breathtaking: a full of charm, radiant cheetah head appeared on the dial above. Witnessed through thousands of years of ancient craft, this head cheetah as if ignoring the passage of time, carrying the Cartier will be the guardian of the craft secrets.

Rolex 2017 new products waiting for you

Rolex Sea Series 126600 watch series

The first use of calendar magnifying glass, single red word series marked the new sea, by virtue of these two highlights to become this year’s Basel replica Watch new product in the explosion, the brand once again this legendary sea to the new model to the new height. To 43 mm stainless steel case and 3235-type movement once again interpreted, became the strongest of this year, one of the new Rolex.

Rolex Chelini series 50535 watch

Once upon a time, the style is different from the traditional Rolex design Rolex, attracted my attention. This year, the brand for the Cherini series added a new moon phase meter, is the first time in recent years, Rolex will be placed on the dial design on the dial design of the new models. Through the blue enamel moon disc, the moon’s profit and loss changes jumped above the dial, meteorite material full moon, curvature of natural smooth, showing a distinctive, unique beauty.

Rolex SKY-DWELLER series 326933 watchWith the calendar and the two places when the function, Rolex SKY-DWELLER series become a brand of complex rolex replica watches headed. This year, a year in all gold case design, to between the gold and steel models appeared in front of the watch enthusiasts. Put away a little luxury and publicity, turned to look more refined, hard gas. And before the Skywalker, the new still has a number of brand patents, show Rolex superb brand technology and full content. In addition, although the structure is complex but easy to operate, always highlight the classic brand of quality and style.

Rolex Log Series 279160 watch

Women’s log type 28 watch, to retain the Rolex Oyster-style constant design aesthetic elements to pink dial, stainless steel case showing exquisite charming and full of women between the wrist. Pink dial, easier to identify, making reading more convenient. 12 times the standard position to a lasting glossy made of 18ct gold, giving the replica watch  a unique brand charm.