The future of the watch is accessories

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the watch began to rise, and gradually seized the rolex replica watches (although the Swiss export statistics show that until 1930, the popularity of watches and pocket watch quite). From watch to watch changes, the birth of a new design concept and a variety of different solutions, some successful design out, stand out. A hundred years ago, it was not easy to connect a round box and a straight line in a beautiful way. The key to the problem lies in the design of the joints, the need to ensure that the shell and strap consistency. Feeling the revolution is brewing, rolex replica watches (1875 – 1942) began to find the answer. He can look at the issue from the jeweler’s point of view, predict the future of the watch is accessories.

Made of metal bead craft, Cartier d’Art series of high-level watch that can be traced back to the first half of the three thousand years of ancient and precious handicrafts, showing a new look. This extremely complex and ingenious craftsmanship culminated in the first millennium of Etrurie’s civilization, whose world-famous “granulation etrusque” Of ancient artifacts.

Metal bead process, is the cutting of the fine gold wire wrapped in high temperature heating, until the formation of tiny beads, the whole process seems to be sowing gold “grain”. Then, then these gold beads one by one into the need to decorate the site, and fusion with the gold base, thus creating a vivid three-dimensional relief pattern.

The result is so breathtaking: a full of charm, radiant cheetah head appeared on the dial above. Witnessed through thousands of years of ancient craft, this head cheetah as if ignoring the passage of time, carrying the Cartier will be the guardian of the craft secrets.